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                  We Yemkay Services the 100% service oriented concern inviting you to be a part of our growth for mutual benefit. Our new venture 

“ ” is an exclusive portal in Net, giving maximum information to the world about your hospital, treatments, services, etc. The portal is designed in the web, in different categories of hospitals and paramedical institutions

.Your benefits:- You will be benefited the day and in future also for anything you need for your hospital. By frequent visits, the equipment suppliers, medicine companies, etc. will identify your organization to extend their services. The separate division of career & opportunities, you can directly interact with the experts for getting attention & services to your hospital. Apart from these, the demanded patients will be meeting you for care & cure.The web directory have a print version, which will be released very soon.The web linked hospitals will be listed free of cost in the directory and it will be circulated to different categories of people.So the benefits of you goes…… unending!!

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